Standards and Protocols

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used by the IARC Biobank

Common Minimum Technical Standards and Protocols for Biological Resource Centres dedicated to Cancer Research

2007; 48 pages
ISBN 978 92 832 2442 6
This report was prepared at the initiative of the IARC World Cancer Forum, a network of Directors of National Cancer Centres coordinated by IARC from 2006 to 2008. Its development has involved several steps. After the initial meeting of the workgroup in Singapore on April 19-21, 2006, a draft report was issued in November 2006 and posted on the IARC website for a 6-month consultation period. Comments, remarks, criticism and recommendations on additional information that were received during the consultation period were taken into account to prepare the final report.

Edited by E Caboux, A Plymoth and P. Hainaut. IARC Working Group Reports; 2

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