About the IARC Biobank

IARC Biobank Governance

1 — Biobank Steering Committee

Aims and objectives

The Committee performs the following role:

  • Provide advice to the Director in terms of the strategic development of IBB activities in line with the IARC Medium-Term Strategy.
  • To oversee the Biobank and provide general guidance to the Head of the Biobank in the planning of biobank projects.
  • To provide strategic and technical advice to IARC Groups in their development of new biospecimen collections, biobanking initiatives and cost recoveries in conjunction with the Head of the Biobank.
  • To anticipate and plan for IARC's needs and opportunities in the broad area of biospecimen collection and use, including identifying needs for infrastructure and human resources.
  • To ensure that IBB practice remains in line with international ethical standards.

Committee members

Dr Rolando Herrero, Prevention and Implementation Group (PRI), Chair
Dr Rosita Accardi-Gheit, Infections and Cancer Biology Group (ICB)
Dr Élodie Caboux, Laboratory Services and Biobank Group (LSB)
Dr Gary Clifford, Infections and Cancer Epidemiology Group (ICE)
Ms Elisabeth Françon, Administrative Services Office (ASO)
Dr Zisis Kozlakidis, Laboratory Services and Biobank Group (LSB)
Dr James McKay, Genetic Cancer Susceptibility (GCS)
Dr Sabina Rinaldi, Biomarkers Group (BMA)
Dr Augustin Scalbert, Biomarkers Group (BMA)
Dr Ghislaine Scélo, Genetic Epidemiology Group (GEP)
Dr Eduardo Seleiro, Office of the Director (DIR)
Dr Jiri Zavadil, Molecular Mechanisms and Biomarkers Group (MMB)

Committee Secretary: Ms Sally Moldan

2 — IARC Ethics Committee

The role of the IARC Ethics Committee is to give ethical evaluation to all IARC projects within its competence. See full Standard Operating Procedures SOPs, Rules and Procedures (RAPs) and related documents at the IARC ethics committee website: http://ethics.iarc.fr/