Membership of International Organization

International Society for Biological and Environmental Biorepositories (ISBER)

  • The Head of IBB is a member of ISBER and the Biobank benefits from the correspondences and initiatives developed by the Society.
  • ISBER was founded in 2000 as an educational forum for discussion of repository management and dissemination of information on operational issues.
  • The primary goal of the ISBER, is to provide information and guidance on the safe and effective management of specimen collections.
  • The society serves to pool and share collective knowledge and experiences with colleagues for an efficient management to obtain optimal conditions for their collections and ensures that the collections are available for studies as new biomarkers emerge and more sensitive measurement technologies become pertinent.


  • The IBB is participating in the EurocanPlatform, a European framework 7 project aiming to develop infrastructure for European cancer translational research and to promote collaborative multi center projects.
  • Several work packages within the EurocanPlatform deal with biobank access and the appropriate guidelines and protocols for accessing clinical samples will be developed during the course of the project (2010-2014).
  • The Eurocanplatform work package 10 (biobanking) is coordinated by Peter Riegman at ERASMUS, Rotterdam.